How to Gunsling Successfully against Wizards

Have you had no luck in joining any Wizards Gunslinger games yet because the seats of the few games running are always taken? We tell you how to greatly enhance your chances at winning a free Hero of Bladehold promo.

Until June 29, as part of the Magic Online 9th Anniversary celebration, all players are invited to join the games of Wizards employees and win a free digital promo Hero of Bladehold.

The new Hero of Bladehold promo card: This big-busted lady could soon be yours!

The following paragraph may sound a bit crazy, but this is how experienced MODO players are capable of joining gunslinger games at lightning speed. Simply follow our seven-step plan below:

  1. Be sure to load the deck that you intend to play in advance into the Deck Editor on MODO.
  2. Join the Casual Decks game channel. Here most gunslinger games take place.
  3. Befriend every Wizards employee that you see in the user list of this channel (right-click on their names > Add Buddy). To do so, scroll through the list of users in that channel until you spot a name with the infamous Wizards icon next to it. Alternately, filter the lobby View by Playing and click on Description in the head of the table to sort all the running games by their game description. Usually, all gunslinger games are named accordingly (e.g. “Gunslinger Game for the Next 3”). Be sure to befriend as many employees as possible. Redo this step now and then because different employees will be online and gunslinging at different times.
  4. Filter your lobby’s View by Buddies. Make sure that only the Wizards employees are shown here. If too many of your “real” buddies show up here, you should remove them from your buddy list for the moment; so that you do not join their games by accident.
  5. Click on Starting Time in the table’s head and sort it in the way that the latest games are always shown last in the table. This makes it way less likely that you will click on an already running game.
  6. Check how far into the single game the employee in question currently is with another player. Usually, for Standard games, around the 10 minutes mark you should become very cautious, and ready to act.
  7. As soon as the next gunslinger game pops up, double-click on it and hit Enter. The deck that you preloaded in the Deck Editor will be selected for the match. This process is just a matter of split-seconds. To help your chances here, you can hover over the free line in the table where the next game is supposed to appear and start double-clicking and hitting Enter prior to the game actually popping up.
Unfortunately, we cannot help you win the game itself. Please drop us a comment, though, if you happen to join their games (and win) because of our how-to guide.

Happy gunslinging!
– Leonard

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