“Case Closed”: TSG Innocent After All?

The truth about the TSG-ChannelFireball incident finally coming to light.

Who doesn’t remember the incident back in August 2012 when Tristan Shaun Gregson was accused of theft by the Channel Fireball staff? LSV’s announcement post on the Channel Fireball site struck the Magic community like a wildfire and effectively ruined TSG’s reputation.

However, as it turns out the accusations were groundless after all. TSG kept quiet for a long time in hope that the issue “could be resolved quickly and quietly” and also because he felt “deeply hurt by the post made on CF about this matter.”

“I did not steal from Channel Fireball. I have chosen to remain silent on this whole matter in the hopes that it could be resolved quickly and quietly, also because I was deeply hurt by the post made on CF about this matter.”

Back in November though, he finally took the opportunity to speak out on the The Eh Team Magic podcast on which he denied the accusations. According to TSG, after a month-long investigation by the police he was informed that “the police had found zero links between my cards/products and the stolen materials [from ChannelFireball].”

“Case closed,” said TSG on the podcast, but is this really the end of the story? To this date Channel Fireball has not made another statement on this matter, let alone publicly rectified their accusations towards TSG.

For those of you who want to read the full transcription of TSG’s statement on the case, ManaDeprived has it all typed out.


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