The Magic Rant — Current Standard Plays Like Solitaire!

Leonard rants about how good the old days were, how brave Aaron Forsythe is, and how abysmal current Standard really feels like.

I must admit that Wizards’ own Aaron Forsythe, head of R&D, is a brave, brave man for asking on Twitter: “How satisfying is it to watch Standard right now and see all the variety of decks?”

Well, how satisfying was it for you to watch a 50-minute-long game — I’m talking about a single game here! — between the usual suspects of mid-range decks playing it out at the SCG Open Series last weekend?

In short, current Standard is a very real slap in the face! With that much lifegain in the format, Standard games go on and on for what feels like ages, while the level of interactivity with the opposite end of the table remains at an alarmingly low minimum.

Before M13 the overall power level of the cards was already disappointingly low compared to the heydays of the Jace, the Mind Sculptor generation, of Caw-Blade, B/R Vampires, and RUG Control. But now, post-rotation, with Return to Ravnica and M13 in the mix, it’s even worse.

We now have, between Thragtusk and Sphinx’s Revelation, so much durdling going on that it seems that that whole mass of look-alike mid-range decks just battle a common nemesis — the clock alone.

And if you don’t want to take my word for it, take that of hall of famer Kai Budde at least. In response to Forsythe’s tweet above, Kai posted what’s basically my argument of this whole rant:

Happy playing Standard solitaire, guys! I’m off to Commander for a lot longer, it seems.




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