42 responses to “The First Return to Ravnica Spoiler Is a Planeswalker?

  1. Why joke about this stuff? If this is fake you guys are not very nice to those of us who really want to see spoilers.

  2. Look at the wording on the first ability. I speculate that if this were real, it would read: “Tap target permanent. It cannot be tapped or untapped, and it’s activated abilities cannot be played unless they’re mana abilities.”

  3. and besides that i have this guy as a legit creature. hes from alara block and blue white. i have him as a commander. ith, high arcanist

    • Ith is NOT from the Alara Block. He was in Time Spiral. For somebody who uses him as a commander you sure don’t know your expansion symbols.

      Also, planswalkers do not cover up their own title box. So, this is obviously a fake.

      • You are also incorrect. Take a look at some of the new reprinted planeswalkers such as Nicol Bolas in the Ajani-Bolas duel decks. His horns cover up some of the title box, and same with Ajani’s hair, to a lesser extent. Same with Venser’s and Koth’s heads in their reprints and Koth’s original. Just about all of the planeswalkers have a bit overlapping their title boxes.

        I think this is a fake because the art is just a more zoomed in picture from Ith, High Arcanist, absolutely no changes.

      • Those are promotional reprints, not expansion/core set versions. Obviously there is an exception to this rule when making special edition prints.

      • Why don’t you look at the M12 ones, then. Garruk, Primal Hunter actually covers up some of the letters in the title box, and same with Jace, Memory Adept. Even more recent, Tamiyo the Moon Sage has her hair covering up a bit of the letters too.

      • tibalt the red planeswalker from avacyn restored covers his title box plus this was revealed as an actual card

  4. Ravnica was a Multicolored block, I can’t see the Planeswalkers being anything but multicolored, let alone 1UUU. Especially with the flavor of Ith being Blue/White.

    • Actually Jace has been confirmed to be one of two planeswalkers in RTR and I doubt that they are going to make a version of Jace that is multicolored. But I agree with you because I doubt that they would make a multicolored set with two mono blue planeswalkers.

  5. Looking again at the card it has one white ability, one blue ability, and one black ability, I could see it from that aspect.

    • On second sight, you may notice that all his abilities are mono-Blue, and that each of his abilities is more or less reminiscent of powerful Blue staple cards.

  6. Another reason this is fake is the text on the ultimate. The third line skips prematurely to the next line, even though there is space–and, as I have learned from making cards myself, that is a particular quirk of Magic Set Editor…

  7. Fake. Image is a scanned template, Color is wrong. Ability badges are laughably off.
    Still not convinced? The mythic symbol is a dead give-away. No white border. The gradient is angles, whereas in RTR, it’s straight up and down.

  8. Motherfuckers who say the art doesn’t cover the title box, have you not seen motherfucking planeswalkers, especially Karn and Tibalt? Or are you just mothfucking retarded?

  9. it is obviously fake.! First; he’s the he’d be the most horrible of all horrible planeswalkers (makes m13 liliana and chandra ablaze look appealing) second; he’s just horrible. third; horrible again. fourth; the wording is all wrong!

  10. there is way to many grammar errors for this to be legit, Wizards would be pissed if a card got printed like that

  11. Very fake. Why would a blue card that starts with the letter “I” be number 94 of 274 in a multi-colored set? Since blue is the second color in the numbering, we would end up with about 55 cards per color (if not more), and that would put green ending the numbering sequence at 275. Even if you bump each color down by one and allow for lands at the end, that completely negates multi-colored cards. Very unlikely, indeed.

  12. Extremely fake. The art’s lifted from the Time Spiral card. The abilities aren’t templated correctly; the first is a worse-worded version of Tamiyo, and Wizards has never printed “Cannot be untapped” without “during its controller’s untap step.” Beyond that, what does “end this effect” constitute? Does the permanent untap? Beyond that, the ultimate is horrible. It’s extremely unlikely Wizards would take an iconic character like this and give him such an underwhelming card.

  13. The last ability is so broken. No way this would be released, think of the implications to legacy decks.

  14. It’s fake. The art on this card is exactly the same as the art as Ith, High Arcanist. Dead giveaway.

  15. My main reason for believeing this fake is because have already Said they were going to release Jace with this set they are not going to make blue that powerful where every planeswalker released with this set is blue

  16. Its fake, See the links next to the picture on this page, go click ” meet goh hinogami” the 2 cards are near identical and that one was admitted to being made up.

  17. I’m guessing the owners of this blog weren’t playing during Time Spiral? We should all have seen immediately that it has the same art as Ith, High Arcanist.

  18. This is obviously fake because of:

    1. I doubt Blue will reach up til #94(!) in a multicolor based set. Even in a single color themed set they usually only reach as far as #90. And this card is on “I” so it implies that blue will reach far longer than #94. Might ever reach over 100 which is unlikely beyond belief.

    2. Jace is revealed for RTR. I doubt they would have 2 blue planeswalkers in the same set that only has 2 planeswalkers. That would be totally inbalanced. Not even Wizards would allow blue to be that overpowered.

    3. This guy is way to complicated and the wording seems off. It doesn’t look like a PW Wizards would print.

    4. In a multicolor set I doubt they would print a PW with UUU in it’s cost. That just seems totally out of this world.

    5. I have not seen this card on any serious spoiler pages yet, and it has gone a couple of months since you posted it. And due to the high quality of the picture it’s not a leak only you would have access to.

    6. Art is way to similar to the art of old Ith. Well… It even looks like a mere close up.

  19. Fake : we already know that the 2 planeswalkers of Return to Ravnica will be Jace 4.0 and Ral Zarek (from the Izzet guild). Moreover, the set symbol looks weird (something in the color or the shape, maybe …). But that card is really well done !

  20. First of all, Wizards already announced there are 2 PW’s in the set and Jace is one of them so I highly doubt there will be 2 blue PW’s. Second of all, At “I” already and only through 29/274, Not likely!!

  21. It’s a fake because the abilities and wording are extremely complex. Just look at the first ability: “Tap target permanent. It can’t be tapped […]” Why would you want to tap something that is already tapped? You can still target it with abilities that say “tap target permanent”, for instance, if you want to +1 Ith himself but have nothing but a land in play after someone cast armaggedon, execpt the ability will not tap the permanent – which is exactly what happens when you tap a permanent that is already tapped, in which case the “it can’t be tapped” clause has absolutely no effect on the game whatsoever. Therefore, why even have it written on the card?

  22. This is obviously fake for 3 reasons (well, 4 if you count the fact that the set already came out and it’s not in the set). First of all, the original Ith was blue white, and Magic is unlikely to change the color of a creature to make it a planeswalker by taking out one color. Secondly, this is the same art that was used for Ith, when Ith was a creature. Lastly, this same card was “spoiled” as an Avacyn Restored card earlier in the year.

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