Why You Should Playtest More with Cockatrice (+Video)

How often has it occurred to you that your current playtest group simply wasn’t available when you needed them the most? Or that they haven’t had the competitive staple decks of the format at hand or, even worse, lacked the experience to pilot those decks viably? It happens rather often to us, but we have found a sweet way to help that.

If you haven’t heard of Cockatrice yet, then you’ve been missing out. Cockatrice is the major contender to Magic Workstation, surpassing it in almost every aspect. It is easier to set up and to use than Workstation, and if you can’t find the right people online to bout against in your playtests, there’s always the option to play against yourself. Load up the two decks that you want to match up, and start playing it out. It can’t get easier than that.

Leonard recorded a short video clip to demonstrate just that to you. Enjoy!

Cockatrice can be downloaded from the project’s offical site here.

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