Strong Opinions – About an Impotent Goat in EDH

Leonard has shoved too much money into this goat’s throat without ever getting any value. Time for him to declare war upon the new goat commander Zedruu.

Is it a goat? An antelope? Who gives a s***!

So far, there have been various reviews on the new preconstructed Commander decks that Wizards released just a while ago. While some of them might have a viable shot at winning the one or other game (even in their untuned condition), the new Zedruu deck that Wizards spat out certainly does not.

Zedruu the Greathearted is a general who can donate your various permanents on the field to other players. While that, in theory, might open up nasty and fun board interactions, field practice has shown but one thing: donating with him is far too expensive; and goats seem to wear a hit-me mark on their brows nowadays (do goats even have brows).

Zedruu is too easily killed (think of those popular sacrifice effects, etc), and players, seemingly unable or unwilling to understand his beneficial function to (mostly) everyone, are outright furious to get rid of him, or of any general for that matter. But the main problem probably is that Zedruu’s casting cost is far too high for what he is and what he does. On top of that, donating permanents themselves comes at a ridiculous Blue-Red-White cost.

Gentlemen, please heed my advise: do not invest in any kind of Zedruu deck.

Gentlemen, please heed my advise: do not invest in any kind of Zedruu deck. They may look sweet on paper, even in theory, but they do turn out to be unplayable in actual play. You will mostly not even affect the board in any meaningful way. By the time you can make good use of Zedruu, he has been killed a few times already; by the time you can start to get big, others already got bigger.

As is the current situation now, basing your game plan on permanents that are the most fragile in Commander is not the best of ideas. Admittedly, without a doubt, it was a great start by Wizards to promote the play of political trickery at the play table. It, however, did not turn out the way it was meant to be.

Save yourself some money, time, and great anger, and avoid Zedruu. Until a Zedruu 2.0 gets printed, who requires less resources in order to donate your stuff to others, may the goat general rest in peace. Goat RIP.

Thanks for reading!

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